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Friday, October 14, 2011

Iowa Weather

Well we have been experiencing some unusually warm weather in Iowa these days. I have been complaining about it. However I have now decided the best thing to do is make use of the good weather while it is here. How can you use the good weather to prep more? I know my garden has hung around longer than I exected and I will be harvesting some cuccumbers and squash soon. I am wondering if my tomatoes will ever turn red. May need to make fried green tomatoes. Oh and my chard which had formally been lace has now started to get past the bugs and is green luscious and yummy.

I know other people who are working away to get wood piled up and chimneys cleaned. I keep hearing people say that the warm weather now is scary because we may be in for a hard winter. If that is true then we will be happy to have the extra time to prep. So Iowa get out there prep, get some outdoor time and just be glad we have a little extra time before the snow flys.

Happy Autumn,,,,,

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1 comment:

Judy Justice said...

Yes, enjoy the lingering good weather. In the Pacific NW the summer was not particularly good for gardening. This is the 2nd summer in a row. The rainny season has come early this year. I am looking at adding an indoor garden to my winter list instead of a green house.

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