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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Disabilities and Buggouts.

By marshwillow

Faced with a possibly terminal illness it comes to mind that others will be there so how do we deal?
We will undoubtedly come to a decision of staying behind with an ill family member,one that is older (perhaps with Alzheimers). They are often reluctant to leave familiar surroundings and are unaware of dangers that may arise.Or it may be like in my case where cancer has left me unable to leave treatments.  Some things will have to be weighed and considered.

1.We are to take under the consideration that if we have to choose whether to go or stay,then it will be our (possibly) last major decision.
2.Can we take our ill relatives with us.
3.Can one stay behind with them.
4.That if the move is made and the ill taken with them,will they be comfortable?
5.We may be a drain and if it comes to a choice where a child or children are in harms way can we be strong enough to send them to a safe place with trusted friends, so we may remain to care for our ill family or care for ourselves alone.

Never would I wish to be a burden and if I cant muster strength to go-then may I muster the strength to stay.
But I wont leave anyone behind if I can take care of them.  That is where our humanity comes into play.  This is were the government would love to use euthanasia.  It was also the final solution when Germany decided to rid the Reich of undesirables.  Mentally challenged, terminally ill and the lame were exterminated.  It was a definite bugout situation and these people hadnt anyone to take care of them.  So where are we to stand?  Can we cope with the extra burden?  Can we afford to turn our backs so easily on those that cant stand for themselves?  What do you think?  Do you have someone that may be getting on in age, fraile, terminal or mentally challenged? Have you thought about this in your prepping? Let me know what you have done to avoid these scenarios.  Have a blessed day.


Curt said...

Well, I am coming at this from a different angle..sort of. I'm 73 years old. Live in a western state while my step kids live in the mid west. I have made it clear that if, rather when, the shtf they are not to come and get me. I would much rather see that they see to their own safety. The sad thing is...as I'm sure many others have faced this...they seem to have this idea that they will be "alright". Well.....I guess to each their own. I will say this though, in the event where you will have to care for a ill or aged relative consider what they would wish as far as help, safety, or aid. It may surprise one.

Anonymous said...

as i too fall into the "disabled" category, and if teothawki ever comes to be, i would wish that my friends and family treat me in the tradition of the eskimos...just put me on an ice floe and set me adrift.

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