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Saturday, September 24, 2011

Continuing Rowan's Journey

Hello folks. I have been on a Hiatus with Rowan's journey. To be honest my views have been changing and morphing some. I have been reading some amazing stuff for school and the evolution is great. However with expanded awareness certain things have shifted. I did recently write more on Rowan's journey but am reluctant to post it because it seems a little like fluff. More character building and scene setting than any real meat and bones. I very much want to continue her journey and see where she goes.

I want to ask you all what you would like to see in the story. If you have suggestions please message me and let me know (freedomfox2012@aol.com). If there are questions you have that you would like answered or topics you would like her to explore drop me a line. It would be great fun to have some imput from others out there.

Two of the books I have been reading are "Earth Democracy" by Vandana Shiva. This is a great book exploring how democracy has gotten messed up because of Economic Globization. Also Catherine Keller's book "God and Power: Counter-Apocalptic Journeys". Keller's book is great, although her style at times feels judgmental. The message is sound.

I have also been watching movies like "Food, Inc" and "Agora".

So anyway Thank you for your patience and thank you in advance for any ideas you send my way.

Keep on prepping, Freedomfox

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