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Monday, September 5, 2011


Well with September 11th just around the corner, and the tenth anniversary at that, I am very much in the thought process of prepping. I just got back from my bi-annual trip to school in California. It was a wonderful time. After I was done I flew to Portland OR and then drove to Seattle and Bellingham Washington. The it was a cross country road trip from Washington back to Iowa. What an experience. I have driving across country before but never with prepper eyes. I went through Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, South Dakota and maybe one other state. I stopped at The LittlebigHorn Battle field and crossed many a river.

It was astonishing to me to see how each place had its own feel and energy. What struck me most about a lot of the places was the lack of timber. I have often pondered where the best place for a retreat property would be. Iowa is not looking so bad. We may not have huge forests but we absolutely have timber and water. I have to admit that I had the thought that this may be the last chance my daughter (almost 4) will have to travel across country like this. If the grid goes down or the economic crisis continues there may not be travel the way there used to be.

I have had an uneasy feeling about the tenth anniversary of 9/11. I know I will be taking the skills I have learned, the thoughts I had on my trip, and some extra food into this next two weeks. I will be prepared for the worst and still hoping for the best, which is all we can do now. Blessings

AND PS....Rowan has started talking to my imagination again, so a new installment should be coming soon.....

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sel said...

All right!!! Rowan!

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