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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Heat Wave

Wow what a heat wave. It brings up some different thoughts on prepping. My friend said man what would we do if the power went out. I jokingly said, "Get wet and lay in front of the fan." But she reminded me that if the power was out there would be no fans. For the first time I started thinking of the heat wave in regards to prepping. What do I have in my preps that could help in a grid down heat wave scenario? Of course the best option would be to get below ground. Basements and cellars and such. What else could work?

I know I am definitely rethinking the solar panels. It would be good to be able to cool at least one room during the hottest part of the day. Well I know I will be doing some research on this one.

On another note my chard looks like lace. It is getting eaten up by something. I powdered the garden with Diatomaceous earth. We will see if that helps. This also brings to mind watering in a TEOWAKI situation. I have been watering my garden from the rain barrels. But they were bone dry yesterday. I was lucky and could bring water from inside. What if that was not the case. I am now thinking you can never have enough water storage.

Good luck all. I hope everyone makes it too the break in the weather. I heard somewhere that we have not had this many days in a row of heat since the 30's. Wasn't that when the dust bowl happened???? Whoa too many thoughts these days.

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Anonymous said...

are you going to continue your story?

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