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Friday, June 24, 2011

Floods and Gardening

I am new to gardening. I have a tiny veggie garden with 22 plants in all. It has been a great first experience. I was complaining to myself that I picked an awkward place to plant as it is on a slope. As it turns out Iowa is being saturated with rain lately. There is flooding all over the place. Our Bushcraft 101 class was cancelled because the instructor is a Fireman with a specialization in water rescues and was needed close to home to help in the flooding. I always joke that where I am at we don't flood. Well the ground saturation finally caught up to us. Everything was waterlogged. I could not mow the lawn because of the standing water. My back yard was a pond. I know a few friends whose veggie gardens were suffering due to the over abundance of water. Yet to my surprise my garden is doing awesome. It is on a slope so the water has not built up. It is getting plenty of water but not being saturated so everything is thriving. I put up a grate and trained my beans. The cucuumbers and squash has blossoms. The most exciting part is that I have a tomato growing. I was so happy. The first veggie I have ever grown. I don't really like tomatos but figure I would do one tomato plant for the experience and to make some pasta sauce. The sense of accomplishment was immense. So now I am thankful I planted where I did. I also know in the future to consider this possibilty when planting gardens in other locations.

I hope all the Iowans are doing well and that the water is receding. Wondering if the Corn will be "Knee high by the fourth of July" or if it will suffering from the water.

Blessings and keep on prepping...

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