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Monday, May 30, 2011

Camping this weekend

I got to go camping at a beautiful spot in Iowa. Most people will tell you there is no places to "back country camp" or primitive camp in Iowa. We all believe the camp grounds are the only option. This weekend I went up to Chain of Lakes Wildlife Management area. Part of the area is County ran and part is State Run. The State run portions can be camped with out a camp site with the philosophy of "leave no trace". We set up camp in a stand of timber. Very sweet spot. We were bushcrafting it so we had tarp set ups no tents. The place had ample dead fall to use as fire wood. It was mostly smalled stuff though. We had pine needle tea, that was yummy. Yesterday morning we got hit with the storm. I heard later that a woman was killed at Lake Macbride camp ground from the high winds. I heard this through a friend but have not read the news yet. The storm was intense but we weathered it and broke camp in the wind.

It was a beautiful place by Palo, Iowa. We only saw one other person while we were there. We saw a couple of deer. In fact one came into camp early in the morning and woke us with grunting noises. We heard coyote, fox, and many many birds. Over all a great time. I almost got an ember using a bow drill but not completely so I lit the fire with natural tinder and a fire steel. Blessings to the family of the lady who lost her life.

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