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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

What a whopper

Well if you live in the Midwest you were doing what I was doing today, digging out of the snow. I have heard this storm called everything from "Snowmageddon" To "Snowtorius BIG". What ever you call it it sure was a whopper. I have not seen snow like this is a while. The local reports are a little inconsistent. I have heard we got 18 inches and I have heard that it was only ten. The snow drifts are what made it so bad. My down stairs neighbor could not open her door. I had to go around the side and dig her out. The storm is done but the cold temps are lingering. They are suppose to get back up to the high twenties this weekend. AND yes I am still planning on camping Saturday night. If you are reading this Lake Belva Deer area, start plowing 'cause I am coming. All in all it seemed like an ideal day today. All the neighbors out plowing, blowing, and shoveling the snow stopping for a minute to commiserate on how crazy the storm was. Tomorrow I will take my daughter out to try out her new skis. Three year's old and already hitting the slopes. Installment two of Rowan's Adventure will be posted tomorrow night......Check in to see how she handles the situation.

This is a picture of my neighbors driveway....I hope you all are safe and warm out there, FreedomFox

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