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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

The First installment

Here is the first installment of the story....Keep checking back to see what happens next...........
Rowan awoke to a familiar feeling. Something she had not felt in over a decade. Her mind raced to find the right word, “Earthquake! It’s an earthquake. Crap! get the baby.” She rolled out of bed and crawled to the where her three year old was sleeping. Swooping him up, Rowan hunkered in the doorway and waited for the shaking to stop. There was something different, something wrong about it. Rowan realized that there was noise, terrible awful noise. Earthquakes have a unique sound, and this was not it. Then it hit her, she lived in Iowa now. They don’t have earthquakes in Iowa. Possibilities ran through her head. “Meteor? No that’s stupid” she thought. “Nuclear Bomb. No way, no bright flash, and we would have been pulverized.” What was it? She kept asking herself, what was it? The baby was screaming. Rowan did her best to calm him. Even at three Joshua was a very verbal child and he was asking questions. All she could muster was an affirmation that everything would be O.K. The shaking subsided and the noise faded some. Then she could hear screaming and people yelling “call for help”. Sitting the boy down she said, “Stay right here, Mommy is going to look out the window.

She did her best impression of an Army crawl over to the window. Carefully she drew back the curtains and peaked out. Adjusting her eyes she peered down the street. It was a plane crash. She could not believe what she was seeing. A house was crushed under the plane and flames were raging all around it. People were stumbling about and trying to get away from the burning wreckage. She could smell the burning fuel and wondered if it was safe where they were at. She picked Joshua up and grabbed her cell phone. Nothing! It was dead. “Damn” she thought I forgot to plug it in last night. She picked up the land line. It was dead as well. She thought the plane must have taken out the phone lines. There were no lights either. No electricity at all. Rowan contemplated her next move. Something told her to get out and away from the burning jet fuel. There were broken power lines and worse broken gas lines. It could not be safe to stay there. There could be an explosion. She would take Joshua and go to his Dad’s house five miles outside of town. From the looks of the neighborhood this was not going to be an easy task.

By FreedomFox
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shadowlane said...

You got my attention! Now please, MORE. Very good start.

Carrie said...

Fantastic opening! You got me hooked already...

Tabatha said...

I will be posting the second installment within the next two days, so check back to see what Rowan does next....thanks for reading

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