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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

School Children & Preparedness

During an emergency it is vital that you know where your child is , who is caring for him , and where he may be relocated to. Here are some things to think about :

Do you know where your Children are ?
  • Do you have a copy of your Child's Schedule ?
  • Do you know the layout of the building ?
  • Do you know what the schools emergency plans are ?
  • Do you know where Shelters & Evacuation routes are ?
Do you know who your children are with ?

  • Do you know what instructor you child is with throughout the day ?
  • Do you know each instructor looks like ?
  • Do you have the instructors personal contact information ?

Do you know your Schools Evacuation , Sheltering & Emergency Scenario Plans ?
  • Where are your children to Shelter during an Tornado ?
  • Where would your children be evacuated to if there were a flood or fire ?
Do your older children have a meeting spot or safety code word ?
  • Do your children know who to call in an emergency if they can not get hold of you ?
  • Do you have a rendezvous point set with your children in case of evacuation ?
  • Do you and your child have a safety word to let you know if something is scary but they cant say anything ? (example , worplehead was my younger sisters safe word , a nonsensical word , but one time she called from a friends house and told me that she thought that I needed to check on our cat worplehead , I knew something was wrong and picked her up from her friends house immediately )
Your schools administration should never hesitate to give you this information and should also be willing to give you a tour and help you meet your child instructors. These people are to be the protectors of your children when you are not around , I think it best that you get to know them a bit , especially if you may need to one day seek them out to help you find your child.

Each instructor SHOULD have a firm grasp on how they are to act during an emergency and should be able to tell you in detail . Feel free to contact your child's school with any questions you may have , that is what they are there for.

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1 comment:

American Prepper said...

Great post! I think too many parents nowadays use the schools to babysit their kids and don't pay attention to the schools policies, procedures and emergency plans. People shouldn't expect the schools to properly take care of your kids in a disaster or emergency. There should always be a backup plan in case the school doesn't handle the situation adequately. Most of this can be accomplished by educating your child to be ready and have a plan in place ahead of time.

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