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Sunday, November 22, 2009

Simple Survival Foods - Cheese and Processed Cheese Products

Re-post courtesy Riverwalker's Stealth Survival

There are many different processed foods available today. Unfortunately, not all of them are what you might expect. Many bear little or no resemblance to the real or actual product. Processed cheese is one that you should be aware of the different and varied types and their relationship to the actual food itself, cheese.

Basic Information About Processed Cheese

1.) Processed cheese is subject to legal restrictions and standards.

2.) Processed American cheese must contain at least 90 percent real cheese.

3.) Products labeled "cheese food" must be at least 51 percent cheese (most are 65 %).

4.) Products labeled "cheese spread" must also be 51 percent cheese. The major difference being that such foods have more water and gums to make them spreadable.

5.) “Cheese product" usually refers to a cheese that has more water and less cheese than American cheese, cheese food, or cheese spread. The specific amount of cheese in foods labeled “cheese product” are not regulated and vary greatly.

6.) "Imitation cheese" is not required to contain any minimum amount of cheese. Unfortunately, cheese is usually not its main ingredient.

Quality processed cheese should have certain general attributes. It should resemble cheese and possess a minimum amount of cheese type flavor, preferably with a "bite" such as a sharp cheddar cheese. The processed cheese should also be smooth and evenly colored. It should not have a rubbery texture and should not melt in the mouth.

You can find additional information about the nutritional value, the safe handling and storage of cheese and cheese products, and the many different types of cheese and cheese products here:


Say REAL cheese please!

Staying above the water line!


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